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Plant Juice (32 oz) - Organic Liquid Fertilizer Concentrate

Plant Juice (32 oz) - Organic Liquid Fertilizer Concentrate

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By using a novel combination of natural nutrients and microbes, our NPK stays low to prevent run off and keeps the nutrients where plants need them - at plant roots! This formulation acts as wholefoods and  probiotics for your plants. Just like in your body, microbes breakdown the wholefoods and do a lot more like boost plant immune systems, increase drought tolerance, and protect the plants. 

People, pets, pollinator and planet friendly!
Natural ingredients safe for kids, pets, butterflies and bees.
Microbe technology that keeps NPK low and keeps nutrients where they are supposed to be and out of our waterways.
Bottles are made from 100% post consumer recycled
plastic here in the US.


32 oz

Made in the USA.