Delphinium Potted Plant

Delphinium Potted Plant

The Green Vase
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Paper delphinium plant with hand painted blossom in a beautiful aged terracotta pot.

Entirely hand crafted in paper in the Bronx, NY by the founder of The Green Vase, Livia Cetti and her small staff of talented artisans. Each piece is meant to be an impressionistic gesture capturing the spirit of the flower, and just like the real thing, no two will ever be exactly alike.

Please note each piece is custom made by hand and may vary slightly from the image.

Approximate size  16" H x 4" W

How to care for your paper flowers
Please shape your paper flower or plant by gently shaping the wire stems, especially after first unboxing.

Take care not to handle the tissue blooms directly, as this can cause damage to their shape.

Leaves and blooms should be facing outward, as if they're growing towards the sun.

To ensure the longevity of your paper flowers, we recommend avoiding direct sunlight and humid conditions.

Please avoid contact with water as this can cause the dye to run. To dust, please use a hairdryer set to low and cool.