Botanical Remedies for Stress & Anxiety Workshop

Botanical Remedies for Stress & Anxiety Workshop

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Join community herbalist and women’s health coach, Jennie Edgar, as she discusses the all-too-common effects of our chronically stressful lifestyle. Together over tea, we’ll go in-depth to discuss the HPA axis, the nervous system, stress as a root cause of illness and imbalance, and consider safe, simple herbal medicines such as adaptogens and nervines to nourish and support your adrenals, stress-response, and body burden. You’ll leave with new tools and resources to implement immediately to help you restore peace, calm, and clarity in your body and in your life. 


2 hours / $125

Workshops are limited to 8 participants. 
Private workshops available, 4 people minimum. 

Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination if you’d like to participate without a mask. Thank you for your understanding. 

Please note our cancellation policy Classes are 50% refundable up to one week before the class. All classes are non-transferable.