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Victorian Tussie-Mussie for your Valentine

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Inspired by the Victorian tussie-mussie— a little bouquet that friends and lovers exchanged—this bouquet is the perfect gift to share with loved ones.

A petite poesy that’s perfect for countertops or bookshelves, with a mild aroma of floral oregano, this traditional bouquet communicates your affection to the young and old, alike. 

The approximate size of this bouquet is 13” high and 10” wide. 


Globe Amaranth — A beloved garden staple, globe amaranth is a small but mighty flower full of joyous colors we often add to bouquets for a pop of excitement or brilliance. Sometimes, it’s given as a single flower to express unfading affection.  


Santa Cruz Oregano  — Unlike our decorative oregano, the Santa Cruz Oregano is pleasantly aromatic. Arching flower stems are made up of dusty lavender flowers. Beloved by florists and bees, both! 


Indian Rice Grass — One of our favorite grasses that we use at the shop, it’s beautiful as a dense bundle all on its own, as well as an accent in arrangements. The delicate stems almost resemble golden hairs, and the single seed at the tip of the stem is silvery to the point of incandescence. In fact, the rice grass brings a beautiful “sparkle” to the halo of every arrangement. 




To care for your flowers, be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight, or anywhere there might be excess humidity such as bathrooms. To clean, give an occasional, gentle shake or blow with a hairdryer out of doors. With minimal care, dried flowers can easily last up to three years.