Organic Pain Relief Balm

Organic Pain Relief Balm

Solar Noon Botanicals
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Formulated to help bring relief to sore muscles and joints. This balm comes in a convenient, compostable, push-up tube, so its easy to apply without getting messy. 

Key Ingredients:

Castor Oil - Has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties making it a great choice for relieving arthritic joints, tense nerves, and tender muscles.

Wintergreen oil - Is 99% composed of the ester, methyl salicylate - the natural form of aspirin. It provides and icy-hot affect that aids in acute topical pain management.

Arnica CO2 -  Shows positive effects on easing pain associated with soft tissue injury, muscle pain and joint issues. Through the gentle CO2extraction of these cheerful, yellow flowers, key compounds are released (sesquiterpene lactones, helenalin and dihydrohelenalin esters), which are responsible for the pain-relieving benefits Arnica is commonly associated with.

Eucalyptus oil, Ginger CO2 and Peppermint oil - All three of these oils are associated with pain relief through topical application. 

Ingredients: Castor oil*, Jojoba oil* infused with St.John’s wort^, High Oleic sunflower oil infused with calendula blossoms*, Beeswax**, menthol crystals*,  Wintergreen oil^, Arnica CO2*, Ginger CO2*, Eucalyptus oil*, Peppermint Oil*, Rosemary Antioxidant* (*Organic, **Locally sourced, ^Sustainably wildcrafted)